Archive 33:  Yu Cheng-Ta

1983, Born in Tainan, Taiwan.
Currently lives and works in Taipei.


2011, Graduated from Taipei National University of Arts, M.F.A., Taipei, Taiwan
2006, Graduated from Taipei National University of Arts, B.F.A., Taipei, Taiwan


Yu Cheng-Ta's works are primarily concerned with the human body deformations and activities.

In 2008, he received the 1st place of Taipei Arts Award (TFAM, Taipei) and was awarded the Beacon Prize at Art Fair Tokyo in 2012. Yu participated in the 6th Taipei Biennial and was selected as one of the artists to represent Taiwan at the 53rd Venice Biennale. In 2009, he participated in the Biennial Cuvée 08 at OK center for Contemporary Art in Linz, Austria, and in 2012, he participated in the 5th International Biennial of Media Art at Experimenta in Melbourne, Australia and Made in Asia Art Festival in Toulouse, France. In 2013, he held a solo exhibition at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan and participated in the Asian Art Biennial at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts; Queens International at Queens Museum in New York, USA. Recently, he held a solo exhibition at Taipei Fine Arts Museum in Taiwan and participated in the 2nd CAFA Biennial in Beijing; the 10th Shanghai Biennial in China. 

Website: www.yuchengta.com

Work Index
Untitled Document
VB-0033-001 Moving Line 2003 2-channel video installation 03'46'' B&W Sound
VB-0033-002 Color Wall 2004 Single channel video  01'30'' Color Sound
VB-0033-003 Double Suns 2005 3-channel video installation 02'10''; 02'28''; 02'58'' Color Sound
VB-0033-004 Talk to You 2006 Single channel video  06'53'' Color Sound
VB-0033-005 She is My Aunt 2008 Single channel video  07'08" Color Sound
VB-0033-006 Ventriloquists:Introduction 2008 8-channel video installation 01'51"; 01'56"; 03'11"; 02'07"; 01'47"; 01'58"; 02'23"; 01'29" Color Sound
VB-0033-007 Ventriloquists:Liang Mei-Lan and Emily Su 2009 2-channel video  09'11"; 09'13" Color Sound
VB-0033-008 Ode to the Republic of China 2009-2010 Single channel video  03'10" Color Sound
VB-0033-009 Universes in Universe I:World Map 2010 Single channel video  installation 09'50" Color Sound
VB-0033-010 adj.Dance 2010 3-channel video installation
05'11"; 12'08";12'38" Color Sound
VB-0033-011 Exploding Taiwan 2011 3-channel video installation
04'40"; 04'50"; 06'28" Color Sound
VB-0033-012 A  Practice of City Guide: Auckland 2011 Single channel video  07'38" B&W Sound
VB-0033-013 Reading the City: Wellington 2011 Single channel video  09'59" Color Sound
VB-0033-014 OURS.KARAOKE 2011 8-channel video installation

04'52"; 03'19"; 03'45"; 04'44"; 05'21"; 03'45"; 04'38"; 04'08"

Color Sound
VB-0033-015 Keywords About Living Room 2012 Single channel video  05'10" Color Sound
VB-0033-016 A  Dialogue between David and David 2012 Single channel video  04'49" Color Sound
VB-0033-017 A  Practice of Singing: Japanese Songs 2012 5-channel video installation
02'57"; 03'34"; 02'58"; 02'24"; 03'20" Color Sound
VB-0033-018 The Letters 2013 6-channel video installation
03'20"; 03'53"; 03'28"; 03'34"; 02'06"; 03'47" Color Sound
VB-0033-019 Fisherman's Wonderland 2013 Single channel video  08'45" Color Sound
VB-0033-020 Practicing LIVE 2014 3-projection installation 31'15" Color Sound
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